Verify Business Using Real-Time KYB Services

A compliant solution for onboarding businesses, even in complex multi-jurisdictional environments

  • Instant access to primary source corporate data
  • Cost efficient business onboarding solution
  • Comprehensive business insights
  • Unprecedented coverage and data accuracy
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Orchestration Verification Protocols

Strengthen each stage of the business onboarding process

Implement checks throughout the business onboarding process for premier fraud prevention and global compliance assurance.

Business Onboarding Orchestration

Quick KYB Check
  • Verify business registration details via official sources
  • Collect officers and organizational structure details
  • Identify ultimate beneficial owner details
  • Access public business filings
Compliance Screening
  • AML (Anti-Money Laundering) checks
  • Adverse media list checks
  • PEP (Politically Exposed Persons) checks
  • Terrorist financing checks
Risk Assessment
  • Study jurisdictional risks
  • Analyze financial performance risks
  • Assess political risks
  • Reflect on economical risks

Alerting & Monitoring

Compliance Monitoring
  • Monitor for money laundering, sanctions, and PEPs regularly
Business Activity Checks
  • Track changes in business actions
  • Ensure regulatory and agreement compliance


Transform KYB verification journey with us

Verify and onboard businesses while identifying Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs) within seconds. Explore our innovative KYB solutions and learn how we can help you simplify your business verification process:

Collect Business information

Collect company information using questionnaires.

Business verification

Screen company information against official data sources.

Risk Assessment

Identify high-risk corporate partners within seconds.

UBO identification

Uncover complex legal structures with ease.

Perpetual KYB

Mitigate emerging risks through ongoing monitoring.

Centralized Reports

Secure all your business records in one place.

Compliance infrastructure

We integrate premier KYB & UBO data seamlessly into your infrastructure.

Integrate your organization's workflow with external data sources to streamline and accelerate decision-making

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We’re different

Instant access to latest information

The KYB accesses global business databases in real time. It has all the latest information, whether registered minutes ago or previously.

300 Million+


Uncover MENA's Hidden Business Insights!

Unlock elusive MENA company information with ease, Overcome language barriers and complex regulations with our advanced technology.

Accuracy like no other

The KYB delivers official registry data with unmatched precision & reliability.


Authentic data

Cost Effective Excellence

In the realm of expensive solutions, The KYB offers affordability without compromise.

Enhanced Due Diligence

With The KYB's enhanced due diligence discover a wealth of hidden company details, from financial statements to ownership structures.

Document-driven different

The KYB utilizes advanced OCR technology to extract and verify information from business documents against official databases.

Redefining business verification in a digital age

We've crafted our technology from its very foundation to offer business verification solution you can rely on. With real-time validation from official registries, robust measures for fraud reduction, and a smooth verification workflow, 'The KYB' is driving innovation in an industry eager for evolution.

Experience power of The KYB

Allow the numbers to speak volumes




Time Reduction


Cost Reduction

API Integration

Simplify integration with "The KYB" API

Seamlessly integrate our API to unlock powerful company data and streamline your operations.

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Verifying businesses globally the fast & efficient way

Consult with our global compliance specialists now!

Benefit from our multilingual experts to enhance your Know Your Business (KYB) and Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) identification procedures. Achieve top-notch compliance with instant translations at your fingertips.

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Navigating global linguistic challenges with advanced OCR tools

The KYB offers best-of-class business verification technology for instant access to company and shareholder data from authoritative government registries, all translated in real-time.

  • Direct access to primary source data with real-time translations
  • Automates document translations using OCR technology
  • Eliminates the need for expensive manual translations
  • Direct links from translations to sources for data credibility
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