Centralized Reports

Centralized corporate data in one secure place for seamless operations

Access all the critical details of your business verification operations easily and quickly from one centralized place.

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Get a holistic view of centralized business insights with centralized reporting

Company Data From Primary sources

100% authentic company registration details retrieved from official business registries in real time are displayed to the users.

UBOs Information

Discover complex ownership hierarchies of the businesses with fully interactive, visual corporate ownership trees and spot AML red flags easily.

Files And Records

Get complete records and business files including tax filings, financial statements, and business statements all in one place.

Evaluation of Financial Performance

Gather vital financial performance information, including profits, losses, annual revenue, and balance sheet data.

SAR Reporting

Submit the reports of suspicious activities to the authorities in a few clicks with SAR reporting. Choose a built-in template and file a report stopping crime instantly.

Instant decisions with extensive & consolidated business data

Decentralized data hampers efficient access and management of company information, requiring users to navigate multiple sources for information, resulting in operational inefficiencies.

Get a complete picture of business data as centralized data ensures the efficient use of company information, allowing you to access all required information from a single channel.

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How it works

Retrieve Detailed Business Report

Obtain a comprehensive business report containing detailed insights from official registries and collected data.

Business Investigation

Analyze the businesses thoroughly based on the comprehensive report to uncover potential risks or anomalies.

Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR)

File SAR promptly if any suspicious activities are identified during the investigation process.

The benefits of The KYB's centralized reports

Minimize Onboarding Dropout
Streamlined Data Access

Streamlined Data Access

Get data from all business operations in no time with centralized reports, ensuring convenience, streamlined analysis, and efficient risk identification for every crucial piece of information.

Improve Future Decisions

Improve Future Decisions

Enhance your business operations with well-informed decisions by analyzing the loopholes and key factors derived from the valuable insights of Centralized reports.

Streamlined Compliance

Streamlined Compliance

Centralized reporting optimizes KYB compliance by efficiently consolidating critical data, empowering businesses to seamlessly meet regulatory obligations and maintain a compliant business environment.

Save Time and Revenue

Save Time and Revenue

Save time and costs significantly with centralized reports, allowing businesses to eliminate the need for manual search through thousands of global repositories.

Instant SAR Reporting

Instant SAR Reporting

KYB centralizes reporting, facilitating seamless submission of Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) for all suspicious activities to related regulatory bodies. This ensures AML compliance and timely reporting to relevant authorities.

Optimize compliance and efficiency with our centralized reporting, for seamless risk management & confident decision-making

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