UBO Identification

Easily unravel intricate corporate structures with The KYB

Empowering you to connect the dots between entities & uncover ultimate beneficial owner.

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Accelerate UBO verification & simplify ownership visualizations for effortless regulatory adherence

Unveil Ownership Percentage

Discover the true ownership of each business official in the firm, helping you evaluate the ones with higher control in the organization with direct or indirect involvement.

Identify Business Connections

Analyze shareholders and ultimate beneficial owners influence in companies by examining complex relationships across multiple node levels.

Source Of Fund Analysis

Trace and identify the sources behind each funding by analyzing the legitimacy of funding, the entities behind them, and the compliance standards they follow.

Sanctions And Watchlist Screening

Ensure compliance with KYB/AML regulatory standards and screen UBOs against sanctions, watchlists, or adverse media lists bringing reputational impact to your business.

Visualization Of Ownership Structure

Get complete visualization of data, allowing you to quickly analyze the key factors of business owners within a complex business structure.

Gain access to the most comprehensive source of UBO data with The KYB UBO Identification service

Verifying UBOs presents challenges due to complex corporate structures and obscured ownership information, requiring reliable data sources for accurate identification.

The KYB's proprietary registry network, providing real-time extraction of shareholder information from corporate registries, ensures accurate, up-to-date, and legally authoritative results with every search.

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How it works

Input Company Details

Enter relevant company information to initiate the Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBO) identification process.

Retrieve UBO Information

Get Ultimate Beneficial Ownership details from official registries and trusted data sources.

Display UBO Structure

Analyze a clear and comprehensive view of the Ultimate Beneficial Ownership structure.

Compliance Assessment

Screen UBOs against sanctions, PEP, and adverse media lists to flag any risk factors.

The benefits of UBO identification solution

Minimize Onboarding Dropout
Identify Owners On the Go

Identify Owners On the Go

Eliminate the need for extensive manual checking and verify the source in no time with the best-in-class UBO identification solution.

Save Revenue Significantly

Significant Cost Savings

Get the complete picture of business owners with the cost-effective UBO verification solution, minimizing costs and complexities.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Stay compliant with global KYB and AML regulations with our UBO identification solution with official registry data of beneficial owners.

Eliminate Risks

Eliminate Risks

Gain complete risk scoring across customers and suppliers, uncovering the hidden factors while identifying potential bad actors.

Increase Due Diligence

Increase Due Diligence

Boost security with a comprehensive UBO identification solution that strengthens due diligence within the business operations, empowering well-informed decisions.

Guarantee adherence to KYB/AML regulations with our UBO identification leveraging registry-sourced global company data

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