Alerting & Monitoring

Efficiently manage KYB reviews through continuous monitoring of company events

Stay informed about material changes in legally authoritative company information with The KYB's alerting and monitoring service on a continuous basis.

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Access registered company data to ensure up-to-date business information at your fingertips

Ownership Updates

Stay informed about any alterations in the ownership structure of your business partner through timely alerts.

Sanctions And Watchlist Alerts

Receive instant alerts if your business partner appears in any sanctions lists or watchlists, ensuring compliance and risk mitigation.

New Company Formations Tracking

Get notified about new companies formed under your business partner, keeping you aware of potential expansion or affiliations.

Address Changes Notification

Stay on top of changes in your business partner's office addresses with immediate alerts, ensuring accurate communication.

Registry Updates

Stay ahead of registry changes related to a business, e.g. change of business address, entity name or company status etc. empowering better decision-making.

Effortlessly track key company data changes, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual interventions

Filtering out noisy updates and irrelevant information from monitoring services to deliver concise and actionable alerts can be challenging.

The KYB's alerting and monitoring solution efficiently provides precise signals to determine the necessity of KYB reviews, streamlining compliance processes for businesses

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How it works

Company Details Input

Enter relevant company information to initiate the alerting and monitoring process.

Configure Monitoring Settings

Set up monitoring parameters, including monitoring frequency and type to customize the alerting system.

Real-time Alerting

Receive instant alerts whenever changes occur in the monitored business data, ensuring swift response to potential risks.

The benefits of alerting & montoring solution

Minimize Onboarding Dropout
Optimised KYB Solutions

Optimised KYB Solutions

With an event-driven approach, our solution ensures that reviews are triggered in response to material changes in company information, maximizing savings & optimizing time spent on the KYB process.

Ongoing Company data accuracy

Ongoing Company data accuracy

Ensure real-time accuracy with our alerting and monitoring service, resolving obsolete data challenges and providing up-to-the-minute information on your business partners.

Early Breach Detection

Early Breach Detection

Rely on accurate, legally authoritative information and avoid compliance breaches with our timely alerting system and proactive risk management.

Fraud Prevention & AML Compliance

Fraud Prevention & AML Compliance

Mitigate fraud risks and achieve Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance by employing advanced alerting mechanisms to identify suspicious activities.

Audit Trail & Compliance Records

Audit Trail & Compliance Records

Maintain a detailed audit trail of monitoring activities, providing a transparent record for compliance reviews and regulatory assessments.

Begin monitoring businesses worldwide today with continuously updated & reliable business data

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