Business Information Collection

Seamless and secure business data collection

The KYB allows to create customized journeys to collect vital business details and official documents from your partners.

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We help you collect the data you need for thorough business due diligence

Predesigned Templates

Choose from existing onboarding templates designed for many industries and use cases and edit them per your unique business requirements.

Custom Questionnaires

Create your own questionnaires to request specific business details and documents from your business partners.

No-Code Form Builder

Utilize our drag-and-drop functionality to adjust form layouts, configure answer types, and set required/optional data fields.

Multiple Deployment Options

Choose your preferred method of deployment such as cloud-based, on-premise, and white labeled solution.

Secure and Private

Security and privacy by design to keep your clients data safe and accessible to only you.

Seamless data collection for efficient business onboarding

Lack of standard company data collection processes leads to non-standardized and missing partner information resulting in added compliance burden and back-and-forth communication. 

Ensure swift business onboarding with efficient and standardized data collection through our no-code business information collection feature.

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How it works

Build Onboarding Forms

Create questionnaires using pre-designed templates or customize them to suit your KYB compliance.

Collect Information

Share the form with business partners to gather their company information and initiate the KYB verification process.

Verify Business Details

Auto-checks from official registries ensure information accuracy supplemented by on-demand KYB analysts.

The benefits of information collection solution

Minimize Onboarding Dropout
High Data Security

High Data Security

Security always comes first for every business that's why the KYB implements data encryption for every business.

Smart Templates

Smart Templates

Using smart templates is a plus as it saves time and resources for every new business onboarding process.

Expert-led Led Due Diligence

Expert-led Led Due Diligence

Industry-level expertise in due diligence by analysing all the crucial aspects of businesses from the start to the finish, leaving no stone unturned.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Time and Cost Efficiency

Cost-effective solution for business in terms of data collection, privacy, and security, giving an ultimate edge for market adoption.

Intuitive Customer Experience

Intuitive Customer Experience

Businesses get an intuitive and enjoyable customer experience when employing our KYB solutions for their operations.

Our intuitive drag-and-drop questionnaire builder makes it easy to create custom business information collection forms

We work with clients across all scales and volumes.

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