Business Verification

Build trusted partnerships with effortless business onboarding

Unleash the full potential of real-time business verification for unmatched accuracy.

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Empower your organization to validate prospective B2B clients before establishing a relationship with our cutting-edge KYB screening

Real Time Registry Search

The KYB provides instant access to real-time company information across 250+ countries and 300M+ legal entities, overcoming challenges like siloed data, access permissions, and language barriers.

Advanced Business Search

Reduce false hits by narrowing your searches with our advanced search feature. Utilize unique identifiers such as EIN, VAT, File, License numbers, and more to pinpoint the exact businesses you're looking for.

Compliance Automation

One platform for comprehensive screenings of businesses and their owners against AML lists, adverse media, regulatory enforcements, licensing bodies, and bankruptcy/liquidation proceedings to assess the true state of a business.

Automated And Manual Verification

Our feature uses a combination of automatic and manual verification offering automatic screening against registries as well as diligent checks by our highly trained MLROs to ensure data integrity.

Document-Based Verification

Upload business documents, and let our advanced OCR technology do the work. Information is swiftly extracted and cross-referenced against official databases for precise verification.

Streamline the business onboarding workflow & fulfill your regulatory obligations with ease

The process of conducting thorough due diligence or know your business procedures can be time-consuming and costly, as it relies on various information sources and involves manual, paper-based interactions.

With The KYB boost the effectiveness of your compliance process by accessing real-time, legally authoritative company data instantly.

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How it works

Input Business Details

Enter company information for a Quick KYB check or collect comprehensive business data through business information collection.

Official Registry Screening

Business screening against official registries to validate and retrieve their legal existence, ownership details, and other vital information.

Compliance Screening

AML for Business checks for adverse media hits, regulatory enforcements, and licensing body statuses to ensure counterparty compliance.

Owner Identity Verification

Verify the identity of business owners and key personnel to establish credibility and trustworthiness.

Global Coverage

Gain access to comprehensive & audit-proof company information from global corporate registries across numerous countries

The benefits of business verification solution

Minimize Onboarding Dropout
Compliance With Regulations

Compliance With Regulations

Comply with complex international regulatory obligations by verifying businesses with our KYB services and avoid legal penalties.

Streamline Your Onboarding Process

Streamline Your Onboarding Process

Automate business onboarding and decision-making with up-to-date corporate data, reducing friction, delays, and manual paper-based processes.

Reduce Operational Costs

Reduce Operational Costs

Save time and money by automating due diligence processes and accessing company information faster and registry filings with ease, reducing operational costs.

Prevent Financial & Reputational Harm

Prevent Financial & Reputational Harm

Protect your finances and reputation with The KYB to avoid costly engagements with fraudulent companies, preventing non-compliance penalties and reputational risks.

Make Informed Business Decisions

Make Informed Business Decisions

Empower your decisions by accessing real-time business information directly from primary sources, ensuring users have accurate company data and registration filings at their fingertips.

Simplify business verification with 100% authentic and real-time data from over 250 countries for Know Your Business (KYB) compliance.

We work with clients across all scales and volumes.

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