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The KYB | Building Trust Among Businesses Through KYB Verification

24 October, 2023

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Initially Published on Press Connect

London, England – Oct 12, 2023 – The KYB is unveiling a revolutionising Know Your Business (KYB) solution that verifies organisations with real-time access to primary source data in 230+ countries, enabling businesses to comply with global compliance regulations and eradicate fraud. Customers will benefit from a one-stop solution, seamlessly adapting, arranging and scaling all the IDV needs that SMEs require through a single provider.

The KYB provides organisations with deeper identity verification insights and better transparency for their clients. Using the Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO), businesses can extract all the stakeholding information regarding their clients to strengthen due diligence measures.

The company also provides a Risk Assessment solution that scans the corporate entity from 250+ authentic data sources in real-time from various registries, including PEPs, sanctions and media verification. It aims to foster a safe operating environment for businesses. 

Businesses can get a holistic view of the client insights with a centralised report that includes registration details, UBOs, tax filing history and SAR report for efficient access and management of entity information. The clients can download the report in PDF and JSON format depending on the ease of their use. 

The KYB’s business verification solution offers the following key features:

  • Global support in over 250+ countries
  • Registries powered by government and authentic public databases
  • Real-time data updates
  • Enhance KYB on demand using highly trained MLROs
  • Alerts and for any changes or updates for the monitoring business 
  • Time and cost-efficient solution


“We understand the challenges that businesses across various industries face in today’s stringent regulatory environment. With our innovative solution, we’re thrilled to deliver a solution that simplifies the KYB compliance process while providing optimum user experience,” said Ilma Faljic, Marketing Executive at The KYB.

The company’s Perpetual KYB allows businesses to monitor their alliances against official AML lists and data sources for risk management purposes. It is assisted by highly trained MLROs who review each AML report to ensure compliance standards are met and alert the businesses whenever money laundering is suspected.

About The KYB

The KYB is dedicated to provide business verification services to eliminate fraud risks, enable secure transactions and fortify trust in the digital landscape.  It sets itself apart with AI-driven precision, offering real-time AML/KYB screening and ID monitoring for unrivalled business compliance. Headquartered in Sussex, England, The KYB team synergizes human and artificial intelligence to onboard customers safely and quickly while complying with know your business regulations. 

For further information, please contact:

Ilma Faljic
Marketing Executive | The KYB
[email protected]
+387 62 709 851

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