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KYB hurdles in the cryptocurrency ecosystem

The anonymous nature of digital currencies makes it difficult for crypto exchanges to execute know your business verification procedures.

The absence of transparency across transactions poses one of the significant KYB challenges that the crypto sector faces.

The rapid growth of new cryptocurrencies presents challenges in identifying and verifying entities linked to these emerging digital assets.

Not regulated by a central authority, it is becoming an easy target for criminals, ultimately making it hard for businesses to stay put with the KYB requirements.

Want to meet KYB compliance for the crypto industry while eliminating the risk of crimes with The KYB

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Crypto wallet providers verification

With its comprehensive approach, The KYB provides a business verification solution for crypto wallet providers, ensuring the legitimacy, compliance, and security of wallet providers and their users.

Enhanced due diligence

With our streamlined enhanced due diligence solution, cryptocurrency exchanges can gather information regarding clients, ultimately helping investors make informed and secure decisions while reducing the risk associated with the crypto transactions.


High-risk jurisdiction identification

Leveraging advanced technologies and enhanced assessment checks, our KYB compliance solutions can determine high-risk jurisdictions, empowering businesses to get detailed insights into clients to make informed decisions.

Automated risk profiling

With The KYB's automated risk assessment solution, crypto exchanges can develop accurate risk profiles based on risks they can pose to them. Additionally, companies can get a clear image of clients before getting them onboard.


Ownership & control verification

With The KYB, crypto exchanges and other service providers can determine and verify the business ownership and controls while uncovering the UBOs holding significant stakes or decision-making power within the company.

Comply with global crypto regulations

As the crypto world is expanding globally and millions of users are getting involved in digital currency transactions, the risk of crimes is also increasing exponentially. At the same time, the regulatory standards are also getting rigid for the sector, aiming to eliminate the risk of money laundering and other financial crimes. With The KYB, complying with regulatory obligations becomes easy. With our sophisticated suite of KYB, businesses can seamlessly stay put with KYB and AML compliance across 250+ countries and regions.

Cryptocurrency fraud prevention in real-time

In today’s digital world, where billions of transactions are done through digital currencies, businesses are facing an increased risk of crimes due to the decentralized and anonymous nature of cryptocurrencies. To fight fraud and restrict the number of crimes, cryptocurrency platforms need to integrate KYB Verification solutions. Here at The KYB, we offer a complete KYB suite with value-adding services ranging from real-time business verification to information collection to risk assessment. With us, businesses can seamlessly verify customers, fight fraud, and easily meet compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does KYB support the transparency and trustworthiness of crypto platforms?

KYB ensures that business entities on crypto platforms are legitimate and compliant, fostering a transparent environment and building trust among users.

With the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies, how does KYB fit into the crypto ecosystem?

Despite crypto's decentralized ethos, KYB provides a structured approach for platforms to understand and verify business entities, ensuring a balance between decentralization and regulatory compliance.

How can crypto platforms use KYB to mitigate risks associated with Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) or Token Sales?

KYB helps crypto platforms verify the legitimacy of businesses behind ICOs or Token Sales, reducing the risk of fraudulent projects and protecting investors.

How does The KYB product adapt to the unique verification challenges of the crypto industry?

The KYB seamlessly integrates with crypto platforms, offering advanced verification tools tailored to the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies, ensuring both regulatory compliance and user trust in a rapidly evolving landscape.

How does The KYB ensure accuracy and reliability in the crypto space?

The KYB delivers official registry data with unmatched precision and reliability, ensuring that crypto platforms have access to 100% authentic data for their business verification needs.

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