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The lack of KYB in real estate presents obstacles in forging trustworthy partnerships

Limited access to property history hinders real estate decision-making.

Buyer and seller verification in commercial property leasing becomes time-consuming and labor-intensive without streamlined due diligence processes.

Property managers struggle with tenant trust and mortgage without KYB verification, risking payment defaults & property damages

Escrow companies face potential financial losses and reputation damage when handling funds for illegitimate businesses.

The KYB transforms real estate by providing a secure & efficient approach to verification

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Streamlined buyer & seller verification

With The KYB, real estate agents and brokers can conduct efficient due diligence for commercial property leasing and Deed documents. Essential information about buyers and sellers is provided by The KYB, enabling smoother and faster property transactions.

Reliable tenant screening

By utilizing The KYB, property managers can verify the financial stability and legitimacy of potential tenants, and mortgage holders ensuring the selection of trustworthy occupants for rental properties.


Ensuring secure escrow services

The KYB empowers escrow companies to verify the authenticity of businesses involved in real estate deals, mitigating the risk of fraud and maintaining financial security.

Transparency in UBO identification

The KYB facilitates real estate professionals to identify UBOs within complex corporate structures, enhancing transparency and risk assessment in property deals.


Comprehensive property history insights

Real estate agents can gain access to comprehensive property history, deed documents, and ownership records, facilitating informed decision-making for buyers and sellers.

Streamlined client due diligence & trustworthy transactions

Real estate developers and property management firms leverage KYB to conduct seamless client due diligence for property transactions, including mortgage holders. By verifying the identities of corporate clients, including mortgage holders, during onboarding through extensive KYB checks, they establish trust and ensure the legitimacy and financial stability of corporate partners. This streamlined process paves the way for secure and confident real estate deals.

Reliable tenant verification & risk mitigation

Property managers and landlords employ The KYB for reliable tenant verification before leasing residential or commercial properties. Through know your business verification, they can select trustworthy tenants, reducing the risk of rental payment defaults and property damages. This diligent approach creates a secure living or working environment and safeguards property owners' investments.

Frequently asked questions

Are there any specific regulatory requirements related to KYB in the real estate industry?

Real estate regulations can vary by region and country. Real estate professionals should be aware of local and national regulations related to KYB and compliance.

What specific information can The KYB provide for real estate transactions?

The KYB offers data on property ownership, ultimate beneficial owners, and potential risks associated with properties or businesses involved in real estate deals.

Can The KYB help with compliance in real estate regulations and anti-money laundering (AML) laws?

Yes, The KYB aids in compliance with AML regulations and real estate laws by verifying the identities of businesses involved in real estate deals.

How does The KYB assist in identifying beneficial ownership in real estate transactions?

The KYB enables real estate professionals to uncover ultimate beneficial owners and complex ownership structures, promoting transparency and compliance.

What are the potential consequences of neglecting KYB verification in real estate transactions?

Neglecting KYB verification can lead to legal and financial consequences, including exposure to fraudulent schemes, reputational damage, and non-compliance with real estate regulations.

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