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Uncovering the challenges that eCommerce industry faces to conduct KYB checks

Unlike B2C transactions, B2B payments are more complex, requiring automated verification. With manual KYB checks, online marketplaces may become victims of fraudsters.

In order to meet compliance the E-commerce industry need to identify the UBOs of the vendors, which becomes hard using traditional means of verification.

Understanding the nature of crime and the risk factors has always been a challenging task for online businesses.

With no access to global registers and financial crime databases, business fails to determine the true identities before onboarding partners.

The KYB helps online marketplaces with enhanced trust & security, ensuring a safe environment for businesses & merchants alike

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Merchant's business verification

The KYB provides e-commerce platforms with advanced E-commerce onboarding processes, ensuring secure onboarding by verifying sellers' businesses. Thorough KYB checks, reduce fraudulent sellers and enhance corporate customer trust in the platform's marketplace.

Instant global verification for e-commerce transactions

Empowering global online businesses to gather and verify merchants' and customers’ information while removing friction from the onboarding journey. With The KYB, businesses can onboard clients remotely from any part of the world.


Business's financial analysis

Enabling e-commerce businesses to evaluate the financial trustworthiness of buyers and sellers, The KYB conducts financial customer analysis by examining past transaction data and financial history, platforms can identify reliable and financially reputable businesses, cultivating a positive and trustworthy marketplace.

Risk assessment for dropshipping

Empowering online retailers and eCommerce platforms to determine the risk associated with clients, ensuring seamless and secure operations. Our solutions are well-designed to help businesses meet compliance and onboard legitimate customers.


Seamless workflow integration

Our low-code and scalable business verification solutions are tailored to the eCommerce industry, allowing them to integrate across multiple platforms with minimum hassle.

Seamless supplier verification for e-commerce platforms

Prior to integrating new suppliers into their network, e-commerce platforms must undergo the essential Know Your Business process to ensure the authenticity and credibility of third-party suppliers. By leveraging The KYB's advanced verification solutions, e-commerce platforms can vet suppliers in real-time, preventing potential risks and maintaining a reliable and secure supply chain.

Ensure international compliance with ease

For eCommerce companies operating in multiple regions need to stay put with the international KYB laws and regulations to avoid the risk of fines. To make it easy for businesses, The KYB offers full-scale know your business compliance solutions that help meet compliance while eliminating the risk of crimes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does KYB support the transparency and trustworthiness of crypto platforms?

KYB ensures that business entities on crypto platforms are legitimate and compliant, fostering a transparent environment and building trust among users.

With the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies, how does KYB fit into the crypto ecosystem?

Despite crypto's decentralized ethos, KYB provides a structured approach for platforms to understand and verify business entities, ensuring a balance between decentralization and regulatory compliance.

How can crypto platforms use KYB to mitigate risks associated with Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) or Token Sales?

KYB helps crypto platforms verify the legitimacy of businesses behind ICOs or Token Sales, reducing the risk of fraudulent projects and protecting investors.

How does The KYB product adapt to the unique verification challenges of the crypto industry?

The KYB seamlessly integrates with crypto platforms, offering advanced verification tools tailored to the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies, ensuring both regulatory compliance and user trust in a rapidly evolving landscape.

How does The KYB ensure accuracy and reliability in the crypto space?

The KYB delivers official registry data with unmatched precision and reliability, ensuring that crypto platforms have access to 100% authentic data for their business verification needs.

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